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I am Gregory A. Whittmore, the founding and principal attorney of Gregory A. Whittmore, Attorney at Law. I have represented clients in a wide range of legal challenges for more than 35 years, developing considerable litigation experience along the way.

Direct Attention From Your Attorney

I am an aggressive advocate for my clients in trial or settlement negotiation, and I know that being reactive after a dispute is not always enough. Detailed planning and foresight that prevents disputes are often the best ways to achieve a favorable result. If you have serious concerns about the strength and stability of your personal finances, businesses and property, I will assist you to find a swift and effective solution.

From my office in Dallas (near the Belmont Park neighborhood), I handle cases throughout the DFW metroplex and surrounding areas of Texas. Contact me to arrange a consultation.

When You Are Struggling Financially

Do not be afraid to file bankruptcy, but do not take it lightly either. Filing bankruptcy without full disclosure of your assets and debts can have serious consequences. I can help you use this valuable debt relief tool to give you the fresh start you need.

When You Are Facing A Lawsuit

The costs of legal disputes that involve your personal assets or business/corporate matters can quickly add up. If you have a dispute related to business or real estate, I have the courtroom and appeals experience to assist you.

When You Just Need Things Done Correctly

Business law and corporate transactions, real estate investments and even personal financial decisions should begin on a solid foundation. Do not let a haphazard legal transaction expose you to for losses or legal disputes later. I can help you make the right decisions from the start.

Contact Lawyer Gregory A. Whittmore

I have built a strong legal practice on word of mouth and referrals — something that has allowed me to develop lasting relationships with my clients. Many consult me for help about a lawsuit, and turn to me later with a real estate issue, unexpected disputes, or help drafting or reviewing a contract.

I am happy to walk you through the legal process and work with you one-on-one to get the results you need. Contact me via email or by telephone at 214-217-0330, tell me about your case, and we can discuss your options moving forward.

This law firm is a debt relief agency. In addition to other services we offer, we help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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